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DescriptionMiniCRM is being used by over 450 SMEs in Central and Eastern Europe. It's available in 7 different languages: Croatian, Czech, English, German, Hungarian, Romanian and Slovak.

In 2014, MiniCRM won both the ‘Best International Business App’ and the ‘Best Business App in Hungary’ awards of Deutsche Telekom. As a result, MiniCRM will be available in more and more countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

MiniCRM has international partnership with Deutsche Telekom, and partnership with Telenor Hungary.

What is MiniCRM?

A complete sales system that automates the sales process, prioritises leads, manages customer relationships and the processing of customers’ problems. All recorded data is displayed real-time to every user, and the whole customer history is recorded.

It is a cloud-based software, you don’t have to install anything, only need a browser to use it. You can tailor the system to your needs and challenges without the help of an IT manager. It is user-friendly and easy-to-learn – we help you with tips and documentation. Integrate it with your already used systems.

Why MiniCRM?
By using it, you will get more revenue, more time, greater transparency. Marketing professionals create targeted campaigns. Sales reps close more sales faster. CEOs and Sales leaders observe and coordinate processes more efficiently. Win-win. In MiniCRM you can find everything that is important for managing customer relationships but it is not just a database.

Connect it with your favourite apps and software. Manage customer relationships from the palm of your hand – use MiniCRM on your smartphone and tablet. These help you fall in love with CRM quickly and makes work more simple. MiniCRM is a complex software that helps you become better than your competitors. Perfect solution for those who are seeking an easy-to-use software that is available from anywhere. It’s good choice for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises as well.

  • Central System for Small Businesses
    MiniCRM is an easy and quick-to-implement solution that serves as a central software besides your inventory management and work time register software. Manage your customer relationships in MiniCRM: record every customer data and task. Exploit the potential of resell: check in customer history who bought what or what they are interested in.

    Issue invoices, send newsletters, manage customers’ problems and orders in MiniCRM. Earn more revenue from the same amount of leads – the system shows your hottest leads and ranks the tasks according to your leads’ importance.

  • Sales Engine of Medium-sized Businesses
    Your ERP system is perfectly suitable for inventory management and corporate governance, however, sometimes it is not clear what happens with your customers. Integrate your ERP system with MiniCRM and lead all customer-related information to CRM. You will always know what tasks your colleagues are working on and how successfully. Save time by automatizing repeated tasks.

    Exploit your hidden potentials – after qualifying, the system shows your hottest leads and ranks the tasks according to leads’ importance.

  • Lead Management & EDM solution for Enterprises
    Integrate your ERP and Enterprise CRM with MiniCRM to make sales reps’ work more efficient. Your systems are perfectly suitable for managing contracts and inner processes. However, they are highly complex and don’t support the daily work of sales reps properly.

    MiniCRM is a solution that has a reasonable price, makes task management easy and stores the complete customer history. Makes lead management transparent and shows your hottest leads and ranks the tasks according to leads’ importance.

    New functions are available immediately in your system. MiniCRM is prepared for unique solutions as well – if you have special needs, we are here to find the best solution with you.
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