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DescriptionEstablished in 2004 as System Integrator Specialist in Industrial Automation KONsys quickly reacted to the fast-growing market demands from its clients and in 2006 they launched AVReporter (Added Value Reporter) Energy Management Software. The company employs expertise from various fields (electrical engineers, software programmers & developers, automation specialists, electricians, business development and marketing staff) taking advantage of an outstanding and highly system based (hardware+ Software) knowledgebase when developing and marketing its products. KONsys’s System Integrator and IT Partners: South-East Asia, India, Iran, Australia, New-Zealand, South America, USA, Canada, the EU and Russia. KONsys International is well-connected to energy advisers, energy managers, system integrators, electrical engineers and also energy associations globally. They are often invited as speakers at many trade events and conferences.
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      Partnership for AVReporter Energy Management Software

      The AVReporter Energy Management Software has been developed to serve the rapidly growing demands of the Energy Management field, looking after smart cities, building complexes, industrial plants.
      The practical experience KONsys has gained during the last 11 years developing and also installing complete Energy Management Systems (hardware& software) was a strong contributing factor towards creating an Energy Management Software that can supply a complex yet very flexible solution.
      The Technical Team is highly responsive, supporting fast delivery working closely with System Integrator Partners world-wide.
      AVReporterv3.0 is designed to accommodate the Energy saving, efficiency and monitoring needs and demands of Industry, buildings and factories all over the World, aiming for sustainability.

      We are looking System integrator partners to execute projects for industrial plants, building complexes, smart cities.

      Keywords: energy managementenergy management softwaresmart city applicationsmart cityenergy efficiency softwareISO 50001 softwareenergy standards
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