Gregor Kamin

General manager
Prolos e-business solutions

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DescriptionProlos is an independent software solution for paperless e-business in the areas for asset management, field service provision, maintenance, vending, water, gas and electricity metering companies... 
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        Prolos, the paperless field service and asset management e-business solutions

        Prolos is a business application for paperless field work and asset management e-business.

        With electronic work orders, business process planning and effective work organization it offers a comprehensive solution to the problems.

        The most important issues Prolos solves are the lack of time, the lack of resources, slow flow of information or none at all. And enterprises are using different software systems for each process.

        There is also a slow workflow and limited or no options for tracking important parts of business process and therefore a problem with task management and scheduling of future actions.

        Work orders are lost, also assets, it takes more man hours to complete the tasks, there are mistakes during work and no fresh data for fast and right decisions.

        Prolos on the other hand can give you all the necessary information about business process in just three clicks.

        It is an easy way to plan and manage the business operations and assets, local and dispursed, also with IoT technology and data acquisition, and to track the material flow and manage the stock.

        It makes business secured, process effective and profitable, from one solution, everywhere.

        Key customers are: field service providers, asset management and maintenance companies, vending companies, water, gas and oil companies, etc.

        - promote the provision of services
        - create work orders and plan future actions
        - order collection, preparation and material tracking
        - asset tracking
        - on-line and off-line operations…

        - increased productivity and effectiveness
        - faster and secure access to data
        - reduction of administrative work
        - history and analysis
        - lower process costs and higher profitability

        Keywords: Field serviceasset managementInternet of Things
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